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[FIXED] Fatal error Call to undefined function dpm drupal-Fatal-error-Call-to-undefined-function-dpm

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In Drupal 7 running UberCart and E-Commerce modules, we encountered a Fatal error Call to undefined function dpm drupal-Fatal-error-Call-to-undefined-function-dpm

A quick fix is to hide or disable the error, if this is acceptable. On lines 9-10 of the file sites\all\modules\ecommerce\ec_store\ec_store.tokens, comment out or delete the following: (NOTE, to date this is for Drupal 7.50, e-Commerce Version: 7.x-4.7-beta1, and Ubercart Version: 7.x-3.10)


function ec_store_token_info() {


/*function ec_store_token_info() {


Since, this is currently on an array, you need to delete or comment out the closing bracket ( } ) on line 124


Also, you may need to enable the Devel module to fix this.


Drupal - User warning: The following module is missing from the file system: media_wysiwyg_view_mode

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Error suddenly appears: User warning: The following module is missing from the file system: media_wysiwyg_view_mode on a Drupal 7 website.

Apparently, the previous version of Media caused the error of the sub-module going "missing". Updating the Media module from to latest fixed the issue. Such case scenario, in this example:

Previous Media module version

7.x-1.5Full release covered by the Drupal Security Team tar.gz (181.13 KB) | zip (214.91 KB) 2015-Mar-21

Updated to latest (to date)

7.x-2.0-beta9 tar.gz (132.15 KB) | zip (177.84 KB) 2016-Nov-20
In fact, similar errors or warnings related to Drupal modules may appear, and updating the modules, also additionally Drupal core, willl be the first measure you will need to perform before troubleshooting any further. Make sure you have good backups before doing so.
As an added measure, check the documentation that may also address similar issues as advised on the error message -

[SOLVED] How to remove JEM Joomla Event Manager copyright

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The best and the proper way to remove the JEM copyright from your Joomla website is to purchase the license, to support the developers who had done a great job in providing you the an excellent extension.

If your some reason you wish to remove the copyright, you may do so thru CSS, without hacking the core Joomla Event Manager files.

The CSS for the copyright line is provided in the /media/custom/css/jem/jem.css as of current version. This is not advisable to modify this CSS file as any changes can get overwritten by upgrades. Therefore, create a custom CSS overrides file, or simply add if already created, then add the following:

div#jem .copyright {display: none;}

Reupload, clear cache, reload page and check if copyright has been removed. Normally, this technique applies to most extensions.


[SOLVED] Joomla Chronoforms all e-mails and form submissions are sent as Root User localhost

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I have Chronoform version 5 installed on Joomla 3.6, and somehow all emails are sending emails as "Root User ".

If for some reason all/or any forms are sending emails as "Root User ;" you may need to check on the following settings and configurations:

Check your Joomla 3 mail settings

  1. Go to mail settings under Global Configuration > Server > Mail Settings
  2. Check that the email field has a valid system email address entered, one that will serve as your website system email for all notifications, alerts and mails.
  3. Enter also a proper sender name, ex: your company or website name
  4. Click on Send Test Mail
  5. Ensure you are receiving this test mail before proceeding to Chronoform troubleshooting. If not received, normally your webhosting provider or developer can assist you with fixing this.


Check mail settings of the form (Chronoform)

  1. Navigate to your form concerned under Chronoform administration area
  2. Click on the form to edit
  3. Under Setup > On submit > Email click Edit

    ChronoformV5 Form Setup

  4. On popup, check that the From name (your website or company name) and From email (the email address intended as the sender of the form) are correct.
  5. Normally the local root user issue is generated when these fields are missing or are incorrectly entered.
  6. Save, then test form again.
  7. If issue persists, try clearing the Joomla cache (under backend > System), and / or clear also the Chronoform cache (under Components > Chronoform > Forms manager > select all forms > Delete cache), then reload frontend form and test again.

    Chronoform version 5 Edit Email Settings 



[FIXED] WordPress Yoast SEO XML Sitemap Page missing or not found error

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Page Not found or sitemap missing error

  • You have installed Yoast, the best SEO plugin for WordPress
  • You have Enabled it from the backend
  • Yet, when clicking on the "You can find your XML Sitemap here" or by going to , a Page not found error is displayed.

Page not found missing using Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

Your sitemap is not missing. Before trying to do all the technical troubleshooting as mentioned in some WordPress forum threads, try to:

  1. Disable, then Save
  2. Enable, then Save again
  3. Clear browser cache (normally, under Tools > delete cache, or Ctrl + Shift + Delete)
  4. Check / Refresh your sitemap page again

WordPress, Enable Disable XML Sitemaps Yoast SEO

XML Sitemap

Or, if this fails, then check all recommendations or fixes found in WP forums:


Organic Groups exposed filter error "An illegal choice has been detected.; pre-loads a selection

Articles - Drupal Web Development Articles


Case Scenario

Drupal 7 installed, with Organic Groups 7.x setup. In Views, added an exposed filter for a particular field (that will filter from a Content Type that is set up as both a Group and a Group content in OG).

Exposed filter setup

Single filter, NOT required, Select all, NOT limited to selected items. See screenshots of setup causing issues.





Not sure if this is a bug for exposed filters in general. But somehow, with this setup, the the dropdown list in the Views defaults to a selected item, instead of the expected ANY.

Due to this, another issue is presented on viewing from the frontend: the view page displays: "An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator." Apparently this is due to the list already fetching a selection even before a user makes one.

Views, exposed filter in Drupal loads a pre-selected value selection instead of ANYExposed filter issue in Drupal Views

Drupal error, exposed filters views An illegal choice has been detected.


As a workaround, the exposed filter should have the option selected:

  1. Edit your View, click to edit the exposed filter in question
  2. Check "Expose this filter to visitors, to allow them to change it"
  3. Choose desired Operator, normally "Is one of"
  4. WORKAROUND: Then under Options, immediately select "Limit list to selected items If checked, the only items presented to the user will be the ones selected here." If you will notice upon checking this, the Select all options have been unselected, leaving only the rest of the options/items checked. IMPORTANT! Check/Select all again.
  5. Click Apply to save and close the dialog box
  6. Save your View

Hope this helps!

Drupal exposed views, Configure filter criterion



Views Customize field HTML and Rewrite results UI options not enabled / displaying using JQuery

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When clicking on the options Style Settings > Customize filed HTML and Rewrite Results > Rewrite the output of this field, option is not displaying or expanded

Current Settings on Issue:

  • Drupal 7.4x
  • Version: 7.x-3.13
  • jQuery&.x-2.7 - both set to 1.10 for Default and Alternate jQuery versions

Fix / Solution:

In your jQuery Update settings > Alternate jQuery version for administrative pages, downgrade version to 1.8 or lower (in my case, just 1.8, as another module requires this to be 1.7 or higher)

Fixed Functioning Views UI administrative selection options:


Drupal fieldsets vertical tabs not expanding / collapsing, expanded by default; issue with FileField

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If for some reason, in Creating Content mode/interface, your Drupal fieldsets vertical tabs are not expanding / collapsing, expanded by default, try disabling the module FileFiled Sources Plupload. It should now work. It seems there is a conflict with this module to Drupal's core fieldsets.


Drupal plpupload causing vertical tabs in node unworkable


FileField Sources Plupload

[SOLVED] Joomla registered users login error cannot access the private section of this site

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For some reason, probably after doing a migration, or upgrades, a still offline Joomla version 3.4.8 website suddenly does not allow registered users logging in to the offline website when previously it did. Logging in to the offline website produces the log-in error: "cannot access the private section of this site"

You may try any of the following solutions below:

Set the correct global permissions to allow the user (Registered) group to login to the offline site.

  1. Login to backend
  2. Go to Global Configuration > Permissions
  3. Click to edit "Registered" (or any other user groups that requires logging in to the offline website)
  4. Set "Offline Access" to "Allowed"

Fix the assets table of the Joomla database


  1. Go to your database thru any of database management tools and interface, for example PHPMyAdmin
  2. Navigate to your database
  3. Create a backup for restoration and reloading if necessary
  4. Run the following SQL queries, one after the other (below SQL querying is for Joomla 3.x)
    • UPDATE `#_assets` SET `parent_id`=1 WHERE `parent_id` = '0';
    • UPDATE `#_assets` SET `parent_id`=0 WHERE `title` = 'Root Asset';
  5. This will fix any broken assets values when and where found


Update Joomla assets table

Fix Joomla assets table

Rebuild your Menus and Categories

  1. Go to your menus and any categories of your existing components where applicable (Articles, K2, etc.)
  2. Select all categories, then click the Rebuild button to refresh and attempt to fix relevant values
  3. Additionally, try deleting all Trashed Items and Categories

Rebuild Joomla Menus and Categories


[SOLVED] Joomla version 3.x Search Module not working on homepage

Articles - Joomla Web Development Articles


Sometimes in Joomla version 3.x, depending on the homepage setup and configurations of your template and your Joomla homepage, the search field or module on the homepage will not work, i.e. it will not display the search results page. It will only refresh the homepage instead after clicking submit.

Before making adjustments and troubleshooting your SEF's and global configurations with search engine friendly URLs as recommended by other forums, try the below steps to fix the search module not working on the homepage. Below solution will provide a menu item where all search results will be displayed after clicking submit on the search module. This will ensure any related issues will be overridden by providing the results page via a menu.

  1. Create a menu item, this can be hidden for example, assigning it under the top or any secondary menus. This must be published, and has public permissions.
  2. Go to and edit the search module, find the line "Set ItemID" and assign the search menu item. Refresh homepage and test that the search is now working and displays the results page as expected.


    save image


How customize, change and override CSS styling of Joomla ISIS and HATHOR administration templates

Articles - Joomla Web Development Articles


Sometimes you may want or need to change the style and design look of the backend admin template, the look when logged-in administrators see when they are in the /administrator backend area. By default, Joomla loads the Isis and makes available another option, Hathor, administration templates.

How to duplicate copy of Isis or Hathor and customize template name label, color layout, logos, etc.

  1. Login to backend
  2. Go to Extensions > Templates > Select from list Isis or Hathor > click on "Duplicate" button
  3. Click to open Duplicate or Copy of admin template made
  4. Edit as needed
    • rename it as needed, anything as appropriate to your needs
    • make it default
    • go to Advanced tab, change the colors and upload new logos as needed among other settings
    • Save and close


How to customize further the CSS styles and override styling

Sometimes above options are not enough when you need customize further. Joomla provides an administrator template override mechanism. Joomla will now check to see if there is a another CSS file named "custom.css" that it can detect and override any default styles. You can achieve this thru the following:

  1. Create a new file "custom.css" to your Isis or Hathor CSS directory:
    /administrator/templates/isis (or hathor)/css/custom.css
  2. Enter new CSS stylings here, save then upload
  3. Refresh backend and check that changes are now visible

Caution: this seems to be a new feature with Joomla 3.4.X and no guarantee how this will proceed.


Joomla Extensions and Plugins for K2 Item in Multiple Category Selections

Articles - Joomla Web Development Articles


Common problem for K2 in Joomla is categorizing a K2 item in multiple categories or more than one category selections. To date, K2 only allows a single selection categorization. There are fixes and solutions which hacks the K2 core files, which is scary and not recommendable as this can break your website, or K2 functionality, and updates will only override these hack changes.

Below are some extensions and plug-ins that works well with K2 for tagging an item to multiple categories.If you have additional finds, please feel free to notify us.

Free K2 Plugin

Additional Categories for K2 (by Netpin)

Additional Categories for K2 by NetPin

Paid / Commercial Extensions / K2 Plugins

Multiple categories update for K2 version 2.6.9 (by DVLancer)

K2 Multiple Categories Patch by DVLancer

Inceptive Multiple Categories for K2 (by Inceptive Design Labs)

(missing screenshot)

K2 Multi Categories (by US Joomla Pro)

(available to date up to Joomla version 2.5)




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